RealSpace3D featured in boAt Nirvana Eutopia premium headphones

VisiSonics is excited that India’s leading consumer electronics brand, boAt, in partnership with CEVA, is launching its Nirvana Eutopia headphones. These headphones feature our industry-leading spatial audio engine, RealSpace3D and will be demo’d at CES 2023. This is boAt’s first headphones with headtracking; we are excited to see headtracking adding to the premium spatial audio experience.

VisiSonics continues innovation in our 3D audio rendering and personalization offerings. In addition, ports of RealSpace3D are available on a number of DSP platforms. Our latest audio advancements further personalize the user experience. Contact us to license RealSpace3D, Audiogram and HRTF personalization for integration on your devices.

Webinar: Spatial Audio – What it is and how to overcome its unique challenges to provide a complete solution – March 10th 11am EST/8am PST

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March 10th 8am PST/11am EST

Audiovisual experiences in XR, gaming, movies, and concerts can all be enhanced with spatial audio experience immersive technology. A superior spatial audio experience occurs when you combine headphones, with wearable head tracking, and on-device processing. Believe it or not, despite the recent wide adoption of Spatial/3D Audio, the concept and technology have been around for a while. However, the technology behind it has advanced significantly as the industry continues to make strides in computing and cost.

In this webinar, we begin by discussing the fundamental concepts of binaural spatial audio and their core principles of operation. We expose the key spatial audio processing and head tracking challenges to creating an effective system. We will offer solutions to these challenges on the way to creating a robust, complete Spatial Audio experience. Finally, we will close by introducing an available reference design that combines these, as well as some upcoming improvements.

Join CEVA and VisiSonics experts to learn about:

  • What is Spatial/3D Audio
  • How does Spatial/3D Audio work
  • What are the technical challenges to implementing an effective Spatial/3D Audio system
  • Why is head tracking so important to Spatial/3D Audio
  • How can the technical challenges be addressed to provide a robust, complete solution

Target Audience

Audio system engineers and product managers targeting audio enabled devices, that are looking to add 3D Audio capabilities to Hearables, Smart Home, Mobile, and Automotive products.



Ramani Duraiswami
CEO and Founder, VisiSonics



Bryan Cook
Senior Team Leader, Algorithm Software, CEVA Inc.

VisiSonics to Showcase Its Acoustic Measurement and Visualization Solutions at HPA Tech Retreat 2022

  • Executives from VisiSonics will participate in Supersession panel on overcoming on-set virtual production sound challenges and have been selected for the Retreat’s Innovation Zone
  • Spherical AV camera detects acoustic trouble spots, improving likelihood of preserving initially spoken dialogue to minimize post processing and need for expensive, inferior ADR
  • VisiSonics’ acoustic measurement and visualization solutions are already used in the automotive, aerospace and venue architecture industries, as well as academia and R&D

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif., Feb. 15, 2022 – VisiSonics, a leader in 3D spatial audio technologies that enhance end-users’ performance and optimize acoustic environments, today announced plans to showcase its 5/64 Audio Visual Camera at the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Tech Retreat 2022, demonstrating the acoustic measurement and visualization technology’s potential to substantially reduce film production costs through optimization of virtual production set acoustics. HPA Tech Retreat is Feb. 21-24 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, California.

VisiSonics will participate in the Retreat’s Feb. 22 virtual-production-focused Supersession, joining the panel: Final Sample – On Set Virtual Production Sound Challenges. Company leadership will also demonstrate the spherical AV camera in the Retreat’s Innovation Zone and be available for discussion during a breakfast roundtable, Feb. 22 from 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. PST.

“In-Camera VFX poses unique challenges in acoustics, in that the stage often becomes an echo chamber,” said Erik Weaver, director of adaptive production for the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California and program co-creator for this year’s HPA Supersession. “VisiSonics’ spherical AV camera offers solutions that previously were only theoretical. We are excited to examine this product’s potential at HPA Tech Retreat 2022.”

The 5/64 Audio Visual Camera consists of five video cameras and 64 microphones mounted on the surface of an aluminum sphere. Using VisiSonics’ user-friendly FINDr software, the Audio Visual Camera  creates a visual panorama showing “hot spots” that highlight the location and pressure level of sounds. Although new to the film industry, VisiSonics’ acoustic diagnostics solutions are already used in the automotive, aerospace and venue architecture industries, as well as academia and research & development.

Virtual film production is extremely expensive, and even more so once principal photography commences. By using VisiSonics’ 5/64 Audio Visual Camera before shooting begins, production teams can measure sound and detect trouble spots, allowing for the mitigation of sound issues to minimize post-production or the need for automated dialogue replacement, known as ADR.

“Every performance is unique, so if a film crew fails to capture usable audio of an actor’s best take, it diminishes that magical moment, and the sound becomes difficult – and costly – to recreate,” said Adam O’Donovan, VisiSonics chief technology officer and co-founder. “The VisiSonics’ 5/64 Audio Visual Camera quickly shows sound engineers the precise origin of issues, allowing for mitigation and the more likely preservation of initially recorded dialogue.”

VisiSonics will demonstrate its entire portfolio of solutions in HPA Tech Retreat’s Innovation Zone, including its RealSpace 3D Spatial Audio, which can be used by consumer electronics manufacturers as well as content creators to enhance end-user performance.

About VisiSonics

VisiSonics is a 3D spatial audio technology company with a complete suite of products that enhance end-users’ performance and experience. Our offerings include 3D audio rendering, capture and analysis, and personalization software as well as acoustic measurement and visualization solutions. VisiSonics’ physics-based RealSpace 3D audio technology is licensed by consumer electronics brands, semiconductor manufacturers, game developers and the military. Our acoustic measurement and visualization solutions for Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) and industrial noise detection are used by top auto manufacturers, leading research institutions and the military. Millions worldwide rely on VisiSonics. Learn more at

Join VisiSonics at CES January 5-7

Please join VisiSonics at our Hospitality Suite #3310 in the Venetian Palazzo Resort at CES, January 5-7, 2022  in Las Vegas

We will showcase our licensable audio solutions. VisisSonics RealSpace® 3D Spatial Audio, a proprietary physics-based technology, provides the most accurate rendered or digitally simulated sound in the industry, with more accurate spatial location and distance, smoother sound in motion, a larger sound field and clearer distinction of sounds from multiple, simultaneous sources. For an end-user, this results in increased situational or spatial awareness, reduced listener fatigue and improved reaction time.  RealSpace 3D Spatial Audio solutions and packages are easy to integrate into a variety of platforms and form factors.

Visitors to our suite can demo our:

  • Embedded 3D Spatial Audio Solutions
  • Software-only 3D Spatial Audio Solutions
  • Personalization Solutions
  • Acoustic Measurement and Visualization solutions

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

VisiSonics and THX to present at GameSoundCon 2021 – Nov. 10th

VisiSonics joins THX to discuss the “Dynamic Integration of Personalized HRTFs with THX Spatial Audio Plugins” at GameSoundCon 2021

Research performed worldwide shows that personalized HRTFs (pHRTFs) improve spatial perception for users for VR, XR, MxR and beyond (including traditional PC/Console/Mobile gaming.).

In partnership with THX, VisiSonics has developed a commercially and technologically viable solution that integrates a pHRTF cloud-based, technology platform into a new suite of THX branded Spatial Audio plugins for use by game developers for Unity, Unreal, Wwise and more, allowing pHRTFs to be dynamically ‘injected’ into the plugins.

VisiSonics’ VP of Product, Michel Henein, and Sr. Software Engineer, Rod Haxton, join THX’s Director of Product Development, Kasson Crooker, to describe the process of integrating the pHRTF backend into the spatial audio plugins as well as demonstrate the process of dynamically injecting pHRTFs. In addition, the presenters will demonstrate the 3D Spatial Audio features of the plugins, including dynamic switching between object based audio and high-order ambisonics rendering.

This session is live 1:00 – 2:00 pm PDT November 10, 2021.  All sessions will be available for off-hours viewing for registered attendees.

 Register now for GameSoundCon 2021, Nov 8-10 online.

Join VisiSonics at the Automotive Testing Expo October 26-28th.

Please join VisiSonics at booth #10030 at the Automotive Testing Expo October 26-28th in Novi, MI.

Our Acoustic Measurement and Visualization systems provide solutions for acoustic diagnostics including NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) and industrial noise detection.

Demo our industry-leading microphone array systems including the Worlds #1 Spherical Array for NVH.

New! The VisiSonics Handheld Array, the ultimate in portability.

  • A truly cableless microphone array
  • Completely self -contained processing
  • Built-in NVH analysis
  • Easy touch screen interface for controlling all functions

Localize, Record, Analyze, Anywhere!
VisiSonics – Experts in Automotive NVH Measurement & Analysis

VisiSonics technology allows users to locate the source of sound in minutes, helping automotive engineers perform better and more efficiently, saving time and money. Using the 5/64 Audio Visual Camera, you can isolate where sounds are coming from in a variety of test settings, such as test track, dyno or wind tunnel, quickly pinpointing potential problem areas and troubleshooting faster than ever before.