VisiSonics and THX to present at GameSoundCon 2021 – Nov. 10th

VisiSonics joins THX to discuss the “Dynamic Integration of Personalized HRTFs with THX Spatial Audio Plugins” at GameSoundCon 2021

Research performed worldwide shows that personalized HRTFs (pHRTFs) improve spatial perception for users for VR, XR, MxR and beyond (including traditional PC/Console/Mobile gaming.).

In partnership with THX, VisiSonics has developed a commercially and technologically viable solution that integrates a pHRTF cloud-based, technology platform into a new suite of THX branded Spatial Audio plugins for use by game developers for Unity, Unreal, Wwise and more, allowing pHRTFs to be dynamically ‘injected’ into the plugins.

VisiSonics’ VP of Product, Michel Henein, and Sr. Software Engineer, Rod Haxton, join THX’s Director of Product Development, Kasson Crooker, to describe the process of integrating the pHRTF backend into the spatial audio plugins as well as demonstrate the process of dynamically injecting pHRTFs. In addition, the presenters will demonstrate the 3D Spatial Audio features of the plugins, including dynamic switching between object based audio and high-order ambisonics rendering.

This session is live 1:00 – 2:00 pm PDT November 10, 2021.  All sessions will be available for off-hours viewing for registered attendees.

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