Digital Array Microphones

The VisiSonics Digital Array Microphone (VDAM) system’s patented digital microphone array technology offers the ultimate in flexibility. Microphone arrays have long been considered a promising technology for diverse applications in audio engineering, but, despite this promise, microphone arrays have, in practice, been extremely hard to use.

VDAM addresses these issues with simplified cabling, the elimination of cumbersome and expensive racks of A/D equipment, and the provision of standards-based interfacing.

  • Easily chain several microphones together in series, significantly reducing wire clutter
  • Eliminate costly add-ons – the A to D conversion is done right at the microphone capsule (no need for preamplifiers, analog to digital equipment or processing computers)
  • Connect directly to your computer over USB, allowing data to be streamed into Matlab
  • Digitally set gain and sampling rate (up to 48 kHz)
  • Enjoy superior performance with high quality 24-bit digitization in an integrated module
  • Custom array designs and builds using VDAM’s flexible architecture available. See example custom designs in Resources below

Contact us to find out how you can create microphone arrays to support your test and measurement or incorporate VDAM in your products.