Featuring the world’s most advanced system for the capture and analysis of 3D audio and the best 3D audio in VR/Gaming

With RS3D, VisiSonics leverages world-class scientific discovery to add a third dimension to the sound you hear electronically, bringing 3D sound to gaming, virtual reality, and entertainment. RS3D is available in both software and hardware implementations.

RS3D Embedded brings Spatial Audio to leading DSPs and as a low-level driver implementation on leading operating systems.

RS3D Audio software is available for the Unity, Unreal and Wwise gaming engine audio platforms.

VisiSonics is an industry leader in digital microphones. Our unique microphone technology simplifies acoustic analysis for industrial and academic applications. Our flagship 5/64 Audio/Visual Camera and Analysis software simplify the capture, measurement and analysis of audio and video in 360 degrees. VisiSonics software includes our FINDr suite with add-on Modules for the Audio Camera and Planar Array and our Matlab Integration Toolbox.