Portable Acoustic Camera

The ultimate in portability, VisiSonics’ new Portable Acoustic Camera offers a truly untethered microphone array with NVH analysis and visualization built in. This easy-to-use, affordable camera provides real-time visualization of noise sources and reflections and includes robust post-measurement analysis tools. The PAC rapidly generates actionable information, allowing for faster and more accurate identification and resolution of any issues on location.

The PAC provides the convenience of a portable solution with the analytics of a workstation solution.

Localize, record and analyze anywhere!


Fast And Easy Identification of Sound Sources

  • Real-time Visualization and Analysis of Noise Sources and Reflections – Allows user to intuitively understand mitigation strategies and see them work
  • Fully Portable and Battery Powered – Easy set-up and an untethered experience
  • Streamlined Start-up Procedure – The fastest time to measurement in the industry
  • On-the-fly Imaging of 1/3 Octave Bands and Arbitrary Frequency Ranges – Quickly determine problematic frequency bands

User-friendly and Simple Solution

  • Intuitive Touch Interface – Easy control over data collection and analysis
  • Efficient Reporting Tools – Batch processing enables repeat multiple report generation automatically and efficiently without manual intervention, saving previous time
  • Optimized Session Management – User interface makes managing and comparing data from multiple sessions easy. Quickly build workflows for repetitive analysis tasks.

Advanced Data Capture and Analysis

  • Slow Motion Video – Captures  acoustic propagation data at 4000 fps which allows you to find reflections quickly and accurately and captures how sound is propagating
  • Full, Raw Data Capture – Enables post processing analysis – never miss a thing
  • Wide Frequency Range – Allows tester to identify a large range of frequency sounds with lowest frequency span in class, to 400 Hz
  • Order Tracking – Allows analysis of sound in the harmonic space of rotating assemblies
  • External Clock Synchronization and Triggering Capabilities – Allows for easy integration with secondary sensor and measurement systems

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