5/64 Audio Visual Camera

Acoustic visualization is quickly becoming the industry standard for Noise Source Identification. Akin to a heat-map, the Audio Visual Camera provides “hot spots” on a visual panorama to highlight the location and pressure level of sounds.

The 5/64 Audio Visual Camera, a spherical array for acoustic visualization, consists of 5 video cameras and 64 microphones mounted on the surface of an aluminum sphere. The 5 HD video cameras simultaneously generate an associated omni-directional panoramic video stream of the captured environment.

Visualize and analyze your recorded data easily with VisiSonics user-friendly FINDr software interface.

  • 5 video cameras and 64 microphones
  • Synchronized and co-registered audio and video as a combined stream using patented algorithms
  • Real-time recording, visualization and analysis of noise sources and reflections
  • On-the-fly imaging of 1/3 octave bands and arbitrary frequency ranges
  • Actionable acoustic images from 200 Hz to 7000 Hz
  • Slow motion movies of acoustic data at 4000 fps allows you to find reflections quickly
  • Streamlined start-up procedure for fastest set-up in the industry
  • Optimized session management for easy data comparison

Optional modules include:

  • Virtual Reality – Be virtually present in your analysis
  • Order Tracking – Examine rotating machinery easily and accurately
  • Ambisonics – Extract a full-sphere surround sound format
  • Trigger – Initiate data recordings remotely
  • Custom Integrations

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