Planar Array

The Planar Array allows users to focus on a specific area of interest and easily map exterior acoustics. The form-factor and design of the array optimizes data collection and resolution for one-look direction recordings.

The Planar Array uses our proprietary FINDr software for real-time mode, recording and analysis.

  • 64 microphones
  • Intuitive user interface provides easy control over data collection and analysis
  •  Real-time recording, visualization and analysis of noise sources and reflections
  • On-the-fly imaging of 1/3 octave bands and arbitrary frequency ranges
  • Actionable acoustic images from 400 Hz to 12 kHz
  • Find reflections quickly – slow motion movies of acoustic data at 4000 fps
  • Streamlined start-up procedure for fastest set-up in the industry
  • Optimized session management for easy data comparison

Optional modules include:

  • Order Analysis Module – Expand the capability to relate noise and vibration arising from rotating machinery by visualizing these harmonics while suppressing others, thereby reducing time to diagnose NVH problems
  • Trigger – Initiate data recordings remotely

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