VisiSonics RealSpace 3D Spatial Audio Expands its DSP-based Headphone Technology to include TWS

With the headphone market continuing to grow due to expanding applications in the gaming, music, virtual meeting and other spaces, VisiSonics has been working with industry leaders (including OEMs, ODMs, chipset manufacturers, and design houses) to make it easy and seamless for headphone manufacturers to incorporate our spatial audio with head tracking into their products.

VisiSonics has recently completed its work porting its RealSpace 3D spatial audio to the major DSP chip systems including

TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphones are quickly  becoming a  preferred form factor for wireless headphones. However, most of the leading TWS headphones have been optimized for voice and  music applications.  This tiny form factor currently contains Bluetooth, microphones, and onboard processing via DSP chips.  With the greater functionality requirements of applications beyond music, the form factor will need to incorporate noise cancellation, headtracking and spatial audio, all of which create power and resource constraints within the headset and the need for more and more powerful chip systems.

Contact us to learn more about RealSpace 3D spatial audio and how our engineering team can help you launch your next headphone, including in the TWS form factor.  We also offer additional capabilities on these devices, including headphone personalization and audiogram measurement via customized apps that can deliver the full experience to your customers.