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CEVA Acquires Spatial Audio Business from VisiSonics to Expand its Application Software Portfolio for Embedded Systems targeting Hearables and other Consumer IoT Markets

ROCKVILLE, Md., May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies and custom SoC solutions, today announced the acquisition of the RealSpace® 3D Spatial Audio business, technology and patents from VisiSonics Corporation. Based in Maryland, close to CEVA’s sensor fusion R&D development center, the VisiSonics spatial audio R&D team and software […]

RealSpace3D featured in boAt Nirvana Eutopia premium headphones

VisiSonics is excited that India’s leading consumer electronics brand, boAt, in partnership with CEVA, is launching its Nirvana Eutopia headphones. These headphones feature our industry-leading spatial audio engine, RealSpace3D and will be demo’d at CES 2023. This is boAt’s first headphones with headtracking; we are excited to see headtracking adding to the premium spatial audio experience. […]

Validation of Acoustical Performance Testing

USG Corporation, an industry-leading manufacturer of building products and innovative solutions, engaged an acoustic testing facility for testing of its gypsum products in a variety of construction systems. Manufacturers of construction and building materials regularly test their products for acoustical performance in walls, floor-ceiling assemblies, roof systems, etc. Building codes and design standards specify minimum […]

HPA Tech Retreat Returns to Palm Springs to Explore Cutting-Edge Tech for M&E

By Karl Paulsen  A “who’s who” of media tech gathered to discuss new advances and network with colleagues. Palm Springs welcomed back some 1,200+ industry influencers for the annual Hollywood Professional Association (“HPA”) Tech Retreat, with a “who’s who” of M&E tech professionals gathering in person to discuss new advances and  networking with colleagues on the […]

Webinar: Spatial Audio – What it is and how to overcome its unique challenges to provide a complete solution – March 10th 11am EST/8am PST

Register Here March 10th 8am PST/11am EST Audiovisual experiences in XR, gaming, movies, and concerts can all be enhanced with spatial audio experience immersive technology. A superior spatial audio experience occurs when you combine headphones, with wearable head tracking, and on-device processing. Believe it or not, despite the recent wide adoption of Spatial/3D Audio, the […]

Bluetooth Alternatives Could Boost Audio Quality

Optical audio is faster By Sascha Brodsky  Key Takeaways Apple might use optical audio transmission in an upcoming VR headset. The limitations of Bluetooth include a delay in sending the audio signal from the device to the headphone. Many companies are exploring alternatives to Bluetooth for audio. It seems like Bluetooth is everywhere, but it might […]

3 Ways Spatial Audio Can Transform The Future Of Digital Health

By Frank Fitzpatrick This article is Part 2 of a 3 Part Series on Spatial Audio and Wellbeing.  In the first article, Spatial Audio Trend Sparks New Opportunities in Digital Health, we explored some of the history, nomenclature, and prior trends behind the world of spatial audio.  In this article, 3 Ways Spatial Audio Can Transform The […]

How a Maryland company uses math to create fully immersive soundscapes

More than a decade ago, Ramani Duraiswami started doing research at the University of Maryland on “how people perceive the world using their ears.” When the average person hears a noise — a dog barking, a person laughing, leaves rustling, a car driving by — they can tell if it’s near or far; if it’s […]

VisiSonics Partners with University of Maryland to Pioneer 3D Audiogram Technology

New technology expands RealSpace® 3D spatial audio to include personalized hearing responses across frequency, optimizing auditory processing in the brain Originally developed for medical audiology, VisiSonics is commercializing the technology for use in applications such as gaming and military headsets The licensable software from VisiSonics and UMD will be available for demonstration at CES 2022 […]

VisiSonics and THX to present at GameSoundCon 2021 – Nov. 10th

VisiSonics joins THX to discuss the “Dynamic Integration of Personalized HRTFs with THX Spatial Audio Plugins” at GameSoundCon 2021 Research performed worldwide shows that personalized HRTFs (pHRTFs) improve spatial perception for users for VR, XR, MxR and beyond (including traditional PC/Console/Mobile gaming.). In partnership with THX, VisiSonics has developed a commercially and technologically viable solution […]