VisiSonics to Showcase Suite of 3D Spatial Audio Solutions at Consumer Electronics Show 2022

The company’s proprietary, licensable technology provides more accurate spatial location, smoother sound in motion, a larger sound field and clearer sound distinction.

COLLEGE PARK, Md., Dec. 20, 2021 — VisiSonics, a leader in 3D spatial audio technologies that enhance end-users’ performance and optimize acoustic environments, today announced it will showcase its licensable audio solutions during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022. The conference takes place January 5-8 in Las Vegas. VisiSonics is now booking appointments for individual product demonstrations, taking place in its hospitality suite #3-310 at The Venetian Resort.

Founded in 2009 by computer scientists at the University of Maryland, VisiSonics develops a broad range of licensable software and hardware solutions. Its RealSpace® 3D Spatial Audio, a proprietary physics-based technology, provides the most accurate rendered or digitally simulated sound in the industry, with more accurate spatial location and distance, smoother sound in motion, a larger sound field and clearer distinction of sounds from multiple, simultaneous sources. For an end-user, this results in increased situational or spatial awareness, reduced listener fatigue and improved reaction time.

“Today’s consumers expect to feel truly immersed in the video games they play, music they listen to, movies they watch, and in their metaverse experiences, and RealSpace 3D Spatial Audio’s physics-based algorithms and unrivaled personalization capabilities serve that need better than any technology in our industry,” said Ramani Duraiswami, chief executive officer at VisiSonics. “We are thrilled to be at CES 2022 with a full suite of licensable hardware and software 3D spatial audio solutions.”

RealSpace 3D Spatial Audio solutions and packages are easy to integrate into a variety of platforms and form factors. Consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers can use VisiSonics’ algorithms in low-powered DSP chips that are embedded into headphones, in gaming consoles, in PCs or in mobile devices. Additionally, a software-only version can be integrated into conferencing software or audio players for consumers who want to use their existing headsets. VisiSonics also builds plug-ins for video game developers to utilize on popular engines such as Unreal, Wwise and Unity.

In addition to its embedded and software-only solutions, VisiSonics’ will also demonstrate its audio personalization offerings at CES 2022. Earlier this month, VisiSonics announced a partnership with the University of Maryland to create licensable audiogram technology, significantly advancing its spatial audio customization and personalization capabilities. Through audiograms and head related transfer functions (HRTFs), VisiSonics personalization packages can optimize sound based on the individual geometry of a person’s head and ears as well as their hearing sensitivity to different frequencies.

Visitors to VisiSonics’ hospitality suite can also demo the company’s Acoustic Measurement and Visualization solutions. These offerings are utilized in various industries for superior quality control and end-user experience. In the automotive industry, for example, the technology is used to detect sound leaks, helping make cars as quiet as possible within the cabin.

“We’re honored to have partnered with prestigious companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, Oculus, Ford and BMW, who chose us to help perfect their own acoustic environments,” said Duraiswami. “We look forward to sharing more partnerships and product development news in the coming months, and we are excited to demonstrate our audio capabilities at CES.”

Among VisiSonics’ recently signed agreements is a partnership with embedded audio technology company DSP Concepts. With the Audio Weaver development framework from DSP Concepts, RealSpace 3D Spatial Audio can be embedded into efficient chipsets with relative ease, allowing headphone manufacturers to produce standout offerings with higher quality audio that uses less processing power and less battery.

To learn more about RealSpace 3D Spatial Audio technology and to schedule a product demonstration at CES 2022, please contact VisiSonics.

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VisiSonics is a 3D spatial audio technology company with a complete suite of products that enhance end-users’ performance and experience. Our offerings include 3D audio rendering, capture and analysis, and personalization software as well as acoustic measurement and visualization solutions. VisiSonics’ physics-based RealSpace 3D audio technology is licensed by consumer electronics brands, semiconductor manufacturers, game developers and the military. Our acoustic measurement and visualization solutions for Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) and industrial noise detection are used by top auto manufacturers, leading research institutions and the military. Millions worldwide rely on VisiSonics. Learn more at