Spatial, Music & Hearables: The Next Frontier In Health & Wellness

By Frank Fitzpatrick

This article is Part 3 of a 3 Part Series on Spatial Audio and Well-being. 

In the first article, Spatial Audio Trend Sparks New Opportunities In Digital Health, we explored some of the history, nomenclature and evolving trends behind spatial audio.

In Part 2, 3 Ways Spatial Audio Can Transform The Future Of Digital Health, we dove deeper into the potential health and wellness implications of spatial audio on the human brain and our physiology. We looked at some of the latest research, the key drivers behind the trends, and the potential impact on future audio content and products.

In Part 3, Spatial, Music & Hearables: The Next Frontier In Health And Wellness, we explore how the integration of immersive audio, personalized sound, and the Hearables Revolution is redefining the future of music as precision medicine.

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