Know your own ears with new technology from Maryland audio tech firm VisiSonics

Technically Logo - 3d sound - VisiSonics

The College Park, Maryland company is developing 3D audio software for more accurate sound in everything from video games to aircraft.

For VisiSonics CEO and cofounder Ramani Duraiswami, humans’ ability to adapt and customize our hearing is something that dates all the way back to the caveman days. But it’s a skill we’ve carried all through the ages.

“We have a certain expectation for peak performance to have very natural hearing,” Duraiswami told “If we are at a busy party, we are able to focus on a single conversation even though there are hundreds of noises attacking us from many directions.”

VisiSonics, a 3D spatial audio technology company based in College Park, Maryland, has spent the last decade working to adapt audio tech to fit the IRL expectations of sound.

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