CES: VisiSonics Showcases New 3D Spatial Audio Solutions

by Debra Kaufman, ETCentric

Maryland-based VisiSonics, a 3D spatial audio company, is revealing its licensable hardware and software audio solutions at CES 2022 in Las Vegas this week, booking appointments for one-on-one product demonstrations at its Venetian Resort suite. “We’ve developed two lines of technology to capture audio with all the directions preserved,” explains chief technology officer and co-founder Adam O’Donovan. “Our 64-microphone array on a sphere to capture audio led to our RealSpace 3D sound engine that allows 3D spatial audio to be personalized.”

VisiSonics chief executive officer and co-founder Ramani Duraiswami notes that, “today’s consumers expect to feel truly immersed in the video games they play, music they listen to, movies they watch and in their metaverse experiences.”

The company’s proprietary physics-based technology came out of a project founded by computer scientists in 2009 at the University of Maryland. In December 2021, VisiSonics and University of Maryland inked a partnership to create licensable audiogram technology that offers customization and personalization abilities.

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