VisiSonics 5/64 Audio/Visual Camera

A new way to capture, understand and reproduce sound scenes using a combined spherical microphone and camera array

The VisiSonics 5/64 Audio/Visual Camera consists of 5 video cameras and 64 microphones mounted on the surface of an aluminum sphere. The spherical architecture and associated algorithms allow the creation of an omni-directional acoustic image of the environment. The 5 HD video cameras simultneously generate an associated omni-directional panoramic video stream of the captured environment. Audio and video are synchronized and co-registered as a combined stream using patented algorithms. The convergence of audio and video capture allows for the visualization of sound sources and their interaction with the environment to be understood in real-time.

With the “Audio Camera,” and the FINDr software, users can capture, store, retrieve and process real-time integrated and synchronized audio and visual information. The captured data incorporates all aspects of the audio-visual world that an individual would experience if he or she were physically present where the Audio/Visual Camera were located. The processing software and storage system allows you to do this in real-time or to record sessions for post analysis.


        • Noise Source Identification
        • Ambisonics
        • Architectural Acoustics and Room Measurement
        • Telepresence
        • Cross-Modal Attention and Saliency
        • Psychophysics
        • Audio-Visual Tracking
        • Audio/Visual Recording and Analysis
        • Meeting Recording
        • Intelligibility
        • Noise measurement