Technology Overview

VisiSonics’ acoustic analysis products and solutions are based on three disciplines: high performance computing using GPUs, machine vision and audio-visual algorithms. Integrating technologies from these disciplines, VisiSonics’ systems resolve the visual and audio environments into a cohesive data set, enabling users to produce and analyze next generation 3D audio/visual data.

The 5/64 Audio/Visual Camera and the Frequency Identification and Noise Detector (FINDr) software renders a panoramic projection of a real-world environment in which users can visualize the audio as a spectral overlay. Any specific location in the panorama can be selected, enhanced and analyzed in order to accomplish any of the following:

  • Visually identify sound leaks in vehicle cabins
  • Isolate a conversation from a large noisy crowded environment
  • Remotely pick up the chatter of the players in a sports event without wiring them
  • Isolate and diagnose sounds in an industrial environment to prevent downtime losses
  • Visualize the flow of sound and reflections in a concert hall, or industrial setting and immediately identifying acoustic issues

In addition to the Audio Camera, Visisonics offers our patented, chainable digital microphones (VDAM) as a stand-alone product. For creating arbitrary microphone arrays, VDAM systems are used in acoustic research and for educational purposes.

Please inquire about custom Visisonics hardware and software implementations.