• RS3D Embedded

    Leveraging our advanced RS3D core software, VisiSonics offers consumer electronics integration for a variety of devices. Currently available implementations include DSP level integration for headphones and low-level driver integration for CPUs. Both offerings are also availble for Mobile devices.

RS3D Inside Your Headphones

RS3D is already ported to several DSPs from Texas Instruments, Ceva, Qualcomm, and DSP Concepts.

​To bring RS3D Spatial Audio to your headphones, contact us about new and existing options for DSP integration.

RS3D Driver Integration

Spatial 3D Audio is an important check-box for next-generation laptops. Bring RS3D Spatial Audio to your laptop offering with low-level driver support.

RS3D can be seamlessly implemented in Windows 10 PCs via common audio driver options.

RS3D Mobile Integration

Bring Spatial 3D Audio to your new smartphone design.

Not everyone wants a dedicated DSP for audio in their consumer electronic product. That’s why RS3D can be implemented in either an on-board DSP or via driver support. Contact us for more information.