Significant Update to RealSpace 3D Audio Unity Plugin!

We are pleased to announce the release RealSpace 3D Audio v0.10.0.

Listening to our user feedback, we have completely reorganized the workflow of RS3D. The “Environment Setter” has been removed and all room settings are done via the RS3D_VirtualRoom.

RealSpace VirtualRooms only have to be created once and your 3D audio sources will take on the acoustic charactristics of the VirtualRoom as you pass between them. VirtualRooms can be placed into scenes via the Unity GameObject menu, dragging the prefab into the scene, or instantiation via scripting.

VirtualRooms now exposes the true reflection coefficients of materials. You can choose from actual physical materials for the virtual room walls, ceiling, and floor. Materials such as, “Brick,” “Plaster,” “Concrete,” “Marble,” and many, many more.

Additionally, VirtualRooms allows for room presets. You can build room wall, ceiling, and floor material reflection coefficients and use the preset in other rooms. You can even create custom room coefficients and all coefficients can be changed on the fly.

See the release notes for a complete list of improvements to the new RealSpace 3D Audio!

Below you will find a link to our “Beta” RealSpace™ 3D Audio Plugin for the Unity 5 Gaming Engine. Ready today are plugins for Unity Windows/MacOSX/Android, and for Unity iOS. Also below are download links to examples of RealSpace™ 3D Unity projects incorporating 3D sound (load in to Unity as you would your project).

Please register for our site to download plugins and sample builds. Demos are free for all to download.